State Licensure

Promoting DME Licensure in States

Legislative changes have deeply impacted the home care industry. As we move forward in our efforts for reform, it is important to deepen partnerships and create new avenues for legislative success.

The political landscape is ripe for licensure and now is the time for DME to be part of the broader health care conversation with legislators. Requiring DME licensure within states will create safeguards for our industry and will allow us to raise the bar for local care. 

How DME Licensure Benefits You

DME licensure will also help do the following:

  • Protect your business with minimal requirements
  • Make it difficult for out of state providers to take your business
  • Promote credibility and transparency in the HME industry. It shows that DME companies are the good guys
  • Fight competitive bidding, because it won’t let an out of state provider provide DME without following regulations
  • Give DME a spot at the policy table

We’ve provided a number of resources to assist your efforts including grassroots and communications strategies and sample bill language.