Policy and Informational Materials from VGM Government Relations

Our resource center offers presentations, talking points, papers and studies all to keep you informed on the latest government developments and their effects on both the consumers and the HME industry. Please check back often for new resources materials.

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Top Legislative Priorities  
Audit and Appeal Reform
Prior Authorization
Round 2021 Competitive Bidding  
Rural HME Provider Study (NE,ID,KS,UT,SD)
Rural HME Provider Study (MT,ND,OR,WA,WV,WI)
State Licensure Tool Box  
Welcome Letter
State by State Progress-DME Licensure MapRequiring DME licensure within states will create safeguards for our industry and allow us to raise the bar for local care
Key Points-DME Licensure Bill
Grassroots Strategies for your State Association
Talking Points for State Licensure
Making a Bill Supporter Prospect List
Tips on Finding a Legislative Sponsor
Temperature Check Meetings with Individuals
Planning an Effective Communication Strategy
Planning a Capitol Lobby Day
Meeting Recap Form
Sample Press Release
Status of Support and Opposition Form
Sample of DME State Licensure Bill Language
Alabama DME Licensure
Tennessee Licensure
Research Studies & Articles  
Delivery Cost Survey Results-Far West
Delivery Cost Survey Results-Great Lakes
Delivery Cost Survey Results-Mideast
Delivery Cost Survey Results-New England
Delivery Cost Survey Results-Plains
Delivery Cost Survey Results-Rocky Mountain
Delivery Cost Survey Results-Southeast
Delivery Cost Survey Results-Southwest
Medicare Cost Shifting-Leitten Study July 2018
The Case For Medicare Investment in DME - Brian Leitten
The Case for Medicare Investment in DME (Full Study) - Brian Leitten
ADA official statement on NMQF Study
NMQF Press Release Diabetes Care
The Case for Medicare Investment in DME-2014 by Brian LeittenIn an effort to reduce health care costs, Medicare has implemented policies that drastically cut medical equipment access for seniors and people with disabilities. However, a recent study shows that the healthcare system and beneficiaries will actually save on long-term costs if the governement invests in durable medical equipment services up front.
Getting Involved Guide  
State Politics are More Important than People Think
August Recess-What to do when your Congressman turns you down, by Tom Powers
Another Way to Stand Up for Your Small Business

If excessive fines, penalties or unfair regulatory enforcement
actions by federal agencies are problems for your small
business, you have an advocate in the U.S. Small Business
Administration’s Office of the National Ombudsman.

How a Bill Becomes a Law
People for Quality Care  
PFQC Competitive Bidding FAQs 
Beneficiary Complaint Hotline Card
Beneficiary Complaint Hotline Card - Diabetics Specific
Beneficiary Complaint Infographic - Organized by State & Complaint Category
Benchmarking Survey
Benchmarking survey results Excel
How to Win a VA Contract