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Your Input Is Needed! House Ways And Means Committee Requests Information On Priority Topics That Affect Health Status And Outcomes

You may have seen the Request for Information (RFI) that was sent out by the House Ways and Means committee. The Rural and Underserved Task Force is seeking input on priority topics that affect health status and outcomes for consideration and discussion in future member sessions of the task force. The full RFI can be viewed HERE

Who needs to respond: DME suppliers, state associations, and hospital discharge planners and case managers need to respond! Take advantage of this opportunity to submit your comments regarding poor reimbursement and the effect this is having on access issues for Medicare beneficiaries. Also, please encourage hospital discharge planners and case managers to complete the RFI as well. VGM will also be submitting a response.

When: Due date for comments is by close of business Friday, Nov. 29.

How to respond: Respond with either a Word document or PDF and send to [email protected].  Ten specific questions are posed in the RFI. Click here to view the RFI. You don’t have to answer all ten questions.  Answer them as best as you can—each individual question should not exceed 250 words. Tell your story! 

Both DME and NIV Legislation Continue to Gain Co-sponsors!

We are happy to hear about some additions to the list of co-sponsors for both NIV and DME legislation.

H.R. 4549(Safeguarding Medicare Access to Respiratory Therapy Act of 2019) has risen to a total of 21 co-sponsors. Click here to see the list. This bill will delay the inclusion of ventilators from the Medicare durable medical equipment competitive bidding program for five years and establish a technical expert panel (TEP) to update the national coverage policies for home mechanical ventilator devices so they reflect technological advancements and peer-reviewed science.

H.R. 2771 (Protecting Home Oxygen & Medical Equipment Act) gained co-sponsors this week bringing the total to 60. reps. Click here to view all co-sponsors. See map below indicating the co-sponsors for H.R. 2771.

H.R. 2293, Protecting Access to Wheelchairs Act, gained another co-sponsor earlier this week, Rep. Michael Doyle (R-PA), as well.

Support for DME, NIV, and CRT legislation is crucial this time of year. Currently, offices in both chambers of Congress are actively working to find opportunities to get legislation in year-end funding packages. This is why it is important to continue urging your representatives to co-sponsor these bills to show the strong bipartisan interest. With several large moving pieces on Capitol Hill, it is crucial for the industry to keep driving demand for urgent relief and get the legislation passed.

Please keep this momentum going! We’ve heard from many of you about your grassroots efforts in your states. Persistence is key! If your member is not on either of the co-sponsor lists, please reach out to them again. Encourage others to do so as well.

Click here to instantly send a message to your member of Congress.