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VGM Petitions CMS To Consider Repercussions Dealt By Manufacturing Surcharges

Of the many negative byproducts instituted by the pandemic, manufacturing surcharges emerge as one of the largest expenditures currently being incurred. The supply chain continues to be impacted, passing down higher acquisition costs to providers. Providers cannot pass this cost onto their patients and incur unexpected costs to their businesses while being at the mercy of reimbursement rates CMS dictates. These surcharges do not adjust immediately in response to industry variables. These excessive costs are another burden thrown on the pile in our struggling industry along with labor costs, delivery costs, and unsustainable reimbursement.

We have heard suppliers’ pleas for help and guidance. Acknowledging this, VGM sent a letter to CMS asking for consideration to combat this continual cost. You can read the letter here. If you have any questions, reach out to Emily Harken at [email protected] or at 319.830.1578.