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VGM Meets With Providers And Legislators In Ohio And Kentucky

On the week of March 15, VGM’s John Gallagher traveled to Kentucky and Ohio to discuss durable medical equipment related topics with members of Congress.

On March 18, Gallagher accompanied KMESA member, Thad Connally of First Choice Home Medical LLC, to a meeting with staff from Rep. Brett Guthrie’s office in Bowling Green. Rep. Guthrie sits on the Energy and Commerce committee of the U.S. House. A key talking point of the meeting was to address supplier needs in rural region and other undeserved caucuses. Thad has a well-established relationship with Rep. Guthrie’s office. 

On March 19, Gallagher joined OAMES, Kam Yuricich, and OAMES members Dedra Thompson of Guardian Pharmacy and Craig Rowitz of Care Medical, to Rep. Wenstrup’s Cincinnati office.

Guthrie and Wenstrup both hold positions on important Congressional committees. Allowing home medical equipment suppliers get the chance to discuss topics with these legislators is crucial. Legislators learn from a first-hand basis what providers require to serve their patients better.

Thank you to KMESA and OAMES and their members for taking time of out of their day to attend these important meetings.