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VGM Hosts Inaugural State Leaders Summit

VGM Hosts Inaugural State Leaders Summit

This week the VGM Government Relations team brought in more than 20 Medical Equipment State Association Presidents, Executive Directors, and board members to network with each other and provide resources to strengthen each association. The key issues within the state associations identified throughout the day of discussions were state membership (retention, participation, and engaging and attracting new members), Medicare rural reimbursement rates, and state issues to include MCOs, licensure, and tax exemption. State leaders also spent invaluable time networking during an annual VGM Soup Contest and scavenger hunt.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better group of folks,” said Clint Geffert, president of VGM & Associates. “There was so much optimism and enthusiasm for strengthening their association. I believe every attendee said they are taking back and implementing something they learned from the summit.”

“We had a great mix of new state leaders and more experienced leaders,” added John Gallagher, vice president of VGM Government Relations. “The group provided both fresh ideas and expertise. What works for your association? What doesn’t? Could it work for yours?  This was such a great event and opportunity for the leaders to get to know each other and build lasting relationships that will benefit all state associations. We are already planning a following up meeting later this year.”

The VGM team is excited to be able to help strengthen the state associations and is looking forward teaming up with these leaders to provide additional resources for the associations in the weeks ahead.

VGM Government Relations also kicked off their VGM Gov Club during the state leaders visit. The VGM Gov Club is a way for VGM Government Relations to recognize key individuals who have a direct impact on the industry. All leaders walked away with their own VGM Gov Club swag!

VGM thanks all the state leaders for their time and dedication to their associations and a special thank you to those who ventured to Iowa in January for this event.