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The Bid Window Is Now Open!

The following is the text of a legislative update that was released on July 16th, 2019. The Bid Window is Now Open! Competitive bidding is now open for Round 2021. There are 60 days until the bid deadline of Sept. 18. Before you submit your bid, follow these steps to get ready: Step 1: Read “What's New- and the Request for Bid Instructions on the CBIC website. Step 2: All updates to your CMS-855S enrollment application must be in PECOS by the close of the bid window. This includes:

  • All locations remain active and in good standing.
  • Your PECOS record is up-to-date with the states or areas where you will furnish bid items.
  • Responses have been provided to any revalidation requests from the NSC.
  • NSC has all licenses (current and renewals) reflected in PECOS.
  • Your accreditation information is correct, and your location(s) is accredited for all items in the product category.
  • Your name and email address are accurate and up-to-date in PECOS.
Step 3: To submit your bid and upload required documents, you must request access to the DMEPOS Bidding System, DBidS, and Connexion, the program's secure portal. You must first create an account in the CMS Enterprise Portal and apply for a CMS Enterprise Portal user ID and password, if you don't already have an active account. You will then log into the CMS Enterprise Portal and request access to both DBidS and Connexion. Step 4: If you have not secured a bid bond, you need to do so immediately. Please note, your enrollment surety bond does not qualify as a bid bond. VGM Insurance will assist you! Step 5: Log into the CMS Enterprise Portal with your CMS Enterprise Portal user ID and password. Request access to DBidS and Connexion. Select the same role (authorized official (AO), backup authorized official (BAO), or end user (EU)) for DBidS and Connexion [1]. Enter the same company information and PTAN for DBidS and Connexion. When selecting your PTAN for registration purposes, it's important to note that the legal business name (LBN) on your company's bid surety bond(s) must be the same as the LBN associated with the PTAN you use to register for DBidS and Connexion. Step 6: You will find step-by-step instructions in the DBidS User Guide. Review the Bid Preparation Worksheet and Utilization Reports that include data about the items in each product category for each CBA. They are designed to assist you with determining your bid amount and estimated capacity for the lead item in the product category. Use our Lead Item Pricing Calculator to determine your lead item bid amount's impact on the non-lead items in the product category. Step 7: Assemble your financial documents and secure a credit report/score that is dated within the 90 days of your bid submission. Review closely “Appendix D: Required Financial Documents by Business Type Table" and "Appendix G: Required Documents Checklist- on the RFB when preparing your documents. We suggest you upload your required financial documents in Connexion by the covered document review date (CDRD) of Aug. 19. You will be notified within 90 days after the CDRD which, if any, required financial documents are missing and the date that all missing documents must be uploaded in Connexion. Step 8: Questions or concerns? Contact Mark Higley at 888-224-1631 or [email protected] or the Government Relations and Regulatory Team 866-512-8465 or email [email protected]. CMS Seeking Public Input on Patients over Paperwork Initiative On June 6, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a Request for Information (RFI) regarding the “Patients over Paperwork- Initiative. This initiative is designed to streamline regulations so that clinicians and providers can more easily undertake their primary mission - caring for patients. CMS estimates that they have saved $5.7 billion through regulatory reform alone through 2021. This RFI provides opportunity to suggest new ideas not conveyed in the first Patients over Paperwork RFI in 2017 and to enrich the national conversation on improving health care delivery. CMS is most interested in ideas related to:
  • Reporting and documentation requirements
  • Coding and documentation requirements for Medicare or Medicaid payment
  • Prior authorization procedures
  • Policies and requirements for rural providers, clinicians, and beneficiaries
  • Policies and requirements for dually enrolled (i.e., Medicare and Medicaid) beneficiaries
  • Beneficiary enrolment and eligibility determination
  • CMS processes for issuing regulations and policies
CMS is interested in reducing the burden that health care providers of all kinds face. Comments need to include a description of the problem and a proposed solution for that problem. For more information and to submit comments, please go to the Federal Register's webpage on the issue. NAMPS/VGM Business Forum Host Competitive Bidding Workshop As the bid window opens, NAMPS and VGM hosted a competitive bidding workshop in Henderson, Nev., today. Attendees' competitive bidding questions were answered by VGM's team of experts, Mark Higley, John Gallagher, Ronda Buhrmester, and Craig Douglas. The group also celebrated the passage of the sales tax exemption in Nevada. NAMPS was given the Outstanding Advocacy Award.