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Texas Congressional Meetings - Continuing To Educate Freshmen Members Of Congress On HME

During the week of March 1, VGM’s John Gallagher and Ted Metcalf, along with TexMEP members, met with representatives of Texas congress to discuss timely issues and concerns.  

The time to discuss access to home medical equipment in Texas was immediate. The state had just been ravaged by a large winter storm that left patients without access to their equipment. 

On March 2, Don Dobbins of Heritage Home Medical Equipment, along with Metcalf and Gallagher, met with the offices of Rep. Pfluger in Granbury and Rep. Jackson in Wichita Falls. The primary goal of the meeting was to educate the staff and open the lines of communication with the new Congressional members and the HME advocates.

(Ted Metcalf of VGM , Rep.Fallon’s staff, Jennifer Wilson from One Source Medical Solutions, John Gallagher of VGM)

The next day, meetings were held with two more Texas representatives, Rep. Fallon and Rep. Van Duyne. Attending these meetings were Laurie Bachorek of Metrocare Equipment and Jennifer Wilson of One Source Medical Solutions.