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Take The 2021 Delivery Cost Survey Today!

Complete the 2021 delivery cost survey here!

In 2018 we coordinated a survey which resulted in being able to provide elected officials and other payers or regulatory entities the actual cost to HME providers of delivering quality products to a patient’s home or institution. We were successful in obtaining some reimbursement relief via a 50/50 blend in our rural areas, and CMS and other payers seemed to acknowledge there would be access issues if HMEs were unable to service patients due to insufficient payment relative to the cost of delivery.

As the pandemic continues, HMEs play a critical, frontline role in patient care and minimizing hospitalizations. A recent proposed rule from CMS again acknowledged their concerns regarding patient access. 

While VGM, AAHomecare, and other stakeholders have submitted comments to CMS strongly indicating that many HMEs service rural AND non-rural areas and that access issues will increase, we need your help with our arguments.  

We are asking that you complete our 2021 delivery cost survey by Monday, February 1. We have included some examples and added a “pandemic” section to indicate additional costs and burdens as compared to, for example, 2019 operations. We ask that you fill out both “before” and “now” in a relatively simple five step process. Estimates are acceptable; time is of the essence

Your company information will never be identified or saved, only your service area. And, we will “do the calculations” and return an email to you indicating your estimated total delivery costs pre-pandemic and currently. (The survey tool does not calculate.) We will also forward to you a compilation of all responses, such that you may review your costs compared to those of others in the HME community.

Taking this survey is very important. CMS will be reviewing comments next month relative to 2021 (and beyond) reimbursements, and a large array of new elected officials will be taking their seats shortly. 

Please take a few moments to complete this survey by Monday, February 1. We at VGM—and the entire HME community—thank you.