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State Association Spotlight: CAMPS

Our HME State Associations do so much to advocate and improve the HME industry. We are excited to feature one of our dedicated state associations in this spotlight! We recently chatted with Bob Achermann and Terry Racciato about California Association of Medical Product Suppliers (CAMPS). Read their spotlight below!
Tell us about some success stories for California HME providers and how CAMPS was able to drive these successes!
CAMPS has focused on addressing inadequate Medi-Cal rates for DME and medical supplies. In 2019, we were successful in getting our Medi-Cal program to follow the Medicare rural rates vs. non-rural rates. In 2020, we advocated for Medi-Cal to increase rates for respiratory equipment and supplies seeking to eliminate the 10% rate cut after using 80% of the Medicare rural rate for most DME. Just recently, DHCS submitted a pandemic SPA waiver to use 100% of Medicare rates and eliminate the 10% cut. These rates will now apply through the end of the PHE and will be retroactive to March of 2020.
What makes the CAMPS board a good team?
The Board is made up of a cross-section of providers including DME, CRT, and other supplies. That allows for representation of the broad spectrum of providers and the inherent expertise.
What connections have been most helpful with CAMPS successes?
CAMPS has worked with DHCS on Medi-Cal policy and reimbursement for decades. We also work collaboratively with state regulators of HME companies as Home Medical Device Retailers and the Respiratory Care Board. 
What are you working on in 2021 and what goals to you have?
Though we are very pleased with the short term relief for respiratory equipment and supplies, we will work to make those changes permanent. We will also work on CRT issues to improve claims processing/payment and evaluation services. Medi-Cal Rx is also beginning  this year that will move pharmacy and enteral services into Fee for Service payment.
Any strategies for success you would like to share
Collaborate and inform. Persistence is necessary, and the issues are challenging.
Any pitfalls to avoid?
Healthcare is complex, and we are a small part of the budget. There is competition within the system for declining dollars and evolution to alternatives to FFS payment. Get a seat at the table and provide meaningful data.
How do you rally the troops in time of need?
We communicate via eblasts and social media. We have held multiple webinars often with the support and participation of VGM to communicate the issues and rally at a grassroots level.