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Share Your Story On Braving Winter Storms For Patient Care

Power Outages due to Winter Storms Cause Catastrophe for HME Patients and Providers

Severe weather has caused deadly, ripple effects in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and other states in the country. In Texas, at least ten people have died due to massive power outages.

Basic resources are no longer commonplace. Citizens have resorted to running their cars for heat, and millions are instructed to not consume their tap water. The weather has had disastrous consequences on recipients of electronic oxygen equipment. Patients that rely on oxygen products are being directed to go to their local hospitals. Access to care has been crippled, and there is uncertainty surrounding when availability to oxygen will return to normal.

The storm in Texas has burdened patients with an unsustainable supply of oxygen. These issues are not limited to Texas. The storm is heading East. Providers should keep track of this evolving situation to share with elected officials after the crisis has passed. This issue must be dealt with at a local, grassroots level.

In an effort to prevent these catastrophes from crippling the HME providers and patients, we ask that you share your story. Please share your stories with your state association as well as Emily Harken, [email protected]. We will be sharing concerns with the CMS Ombudsman’s offices.