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NEMEP Reaches Out To Local Media. You Should Too!

Yesterday the Northeast Medical Equipment Providers Association (NEMEP) was featured in an article in The Center Square. The article, Medical equipment providers look to New York lawmakers for relief from partial reimbursements,” discusses low reimbursement rates, and the lack of medical equipment providers as a result. John Quinlan, association president and president of Quinlan’s Pharmacy and Medical Equipment, states in the article, “There are 12 counties in New York that don't even have a DME (Durable Medical Equipement) provider, so when you're trying to get a patient out of the hospital for that walker…If they can’t get out because there’s no DME provider, that’s a big deal.”

Reaching out to the media is an excellenct way to continue to push local, state, and national issues impacting our industry. Make sure you are keeping your local press in mind when working on legislative efforts.