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Montana HME Providers And Big Sky AMES Members Meet With Montana Congressional Offices

The week of April 19 was a big week for the Big Sky AMES! The group met with all three Montana federal congressional offices; Sens. Daines and Tester, and Freshman Congressman Rep. Rosendale’s offices. 

Big Sky AMES has well-established relationships with the Senator Tester and Senator Daines offices. Those meetings provided an essential, current update with the staff members and the Big Sky AMES folks on the current industry efforts and the goals for the 117th Congress. 

Rep. Rosendale is a new member of Congress. Much of this discussion was educating the staff on past and present issues in the HME industry and building a relationship with his folks for future outreach and asks. 

The group also had an excellent meeting with Governor Gianforte’s office discussing state issues, concerns with MCOs, and potential HME licensure in Montana.

A great big Montana sized thank you to the folks that attend the meetings! Eric Ecker- President of Big Sky AMES of St. Vincent’s Medical Supply and Mobility, Alesha Rate – past President of Big Sky AMES and Mike Calcaterra of Norco, Jenn Morrisoe of Dillon Medical Supply, Dedra Haworth and Dan Harrington of Harrington Surgical, and John Gallagher of VGM.




Pictured: Dedra Haworth, Mike Calcaterra, Eric Ecker, Alesha Rate, John Gallagher, Dan Harrington.





Pictured: Eric Ecker, John Gallagher, Rep. Rosendale’s, Jenn Morrisoe, Dan Harrington