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Manual CRT Legislation Clears More Hurdles In The House

The following is the text of a legislative update released on July 18th, 2019. Manual CRT Legislation Clears More Hurdles in the House Wednesday, the Energy & Commerce Committee approved H.R.2328, the Reauthorizing and Extending America's Community Health Act, (REACH Act), a bill which contains CRT manual wheelchair and manual wheelchair accessory legislation. Specifically, this legislation will permanently remove manual CRT wheelchairs from the competitive bidding program and suspend competitive bidding rates from being applied to manual CRT accessories for 12 months, beginning on January 1st, 2020. This bill, which was previously endorsed by the Energy & Commerce Health Subcommittee, continues to clear hurdles and gain support. “We are very excited to see the momentum this bill has gained over the past couple weeks. The rapid movement of this bill would not have been possible without the support of our members, who stepped up and urged their elected officials to make change happen. The approval of this bill is a testament to the strong relationships providers have created with their elected officials. We also cannot discount the work that organizations such as U.S. Rehab, NCART, and AAHomecare have done in order to ensure approval of this bill. The high level of contact you all had with Congressional leaders was a major component in this approval process.- - Greg Packer, President of U.S. Rehab, Vice President of NCART. Please contact your elected official and urge their support on the REACH Act. You can find contact information for your congressional office by clicking here.