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Kicking Off The 117 Congress By Meeting With Freshman Member Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-IA-1)


VGMOn Monday January 25, newly-elected member of Congress Ashley Hinson from Iowa’s first district visited VGM.

The socially-distanced and masked-up meeting took place at VGM’s main campus in Waterloo. Rep. Hinson met with senior leadership team members as well as John Gallagher, Tom Powers, and Emily Harken from the Government Relations team. 

The group discussed concerns within the home medical equipment industry, primarily decreased reimbursement rates and regulatory burdens. The discussion was constructive, and both parties were committed to building a collaborative relationship for the good of Iowans, providers, and the constituents in her district.

Rep. Hinson said she has been assigned to the House Appropriations committee. This is exciting news as House Appropriations plays a key role in getting legislation passed.  

We are excited to begin building a working relationship with Rep. Hinson and her staff. This is the first of many meetings to come with freshmen members of Congress. 

Building these relationships with members of Congress must be done proactively instead of reactively. We must educate them on our issues and establish relationships with their offices prior to reaching out asking them to sign on to legislation. 

Continue to watch for us in other areas of the country. We will be working with VGM members as well as state associations to set up meetings with newly elected members of Congress.

VGM’s executive team with Rep. Hinson







VGM’s executive team with Rep. Hinson