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Iowa HME Providers Meet With Freshman Representative Randy Feenstra (R-IA-4)

Home medical equipment providers and MAMES members in Iowa’s 4th congressional district met with Freshman Representative Randy Feenstra on April 1. The meeting was hosted by Choice Medical of Ames, Iowa. The goal of the meeting was to introduce Rep. Feenstra to the HME industry, discuss the issues, and ask for his support when legislation arises.

The group consisted of Kevin Henning and Jami Tharp of Choice Medical, Jim Schafhauser of MAMES, Brett Barker of Nucara, Gene Lilla and Tammy Jarnagin of Mary Greeley, Patrick Reeves and Amy Massey of UnityPoint, state representative Brian Best, John Gallagher, Clint Geffert and Dave Lyman of VGM.

Congressman Feenstra made a great connection with the group during the meeting. We’re looking forward to working with him in the future.

Rep. Feenstra Meeting April 2021Rep. Feenstra Meeting April 2021