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HHS Provider Relief Fund Reporting - New Guidance And Supporting Documents

Since the HHS Provider Relief Fund (PRF) reporting portal opened on July 1, 2021, HHS has released some updated guidance and two important supporting documents to assist providers as they prepare to submit their reports on how they used the dollars they received. The first document is a 36-page data entry workbook, which walks providers through the various data points and fields that they will need to include in their reports. That workbook can be found here.

The workbook can also be downloaded as an Excel file, and providers can enter their data right into that workbook. The Excel file has an instructions tab followed by additional separate tabs labeled:

  • Other Assistance Received
  • Infection Control Payments
  • Other PRF Payments
  • Unreimbursed Expenses
  • Actual Patient Care Revenue
  • Lost Revenues Option 1
  • Lost Revenues Option 2
  • Lost Revenues Option 3
  • Personnel, Patient, Facility

This workbook is not required and will not be submitted with the report, but is very helpful in preparing your reports, and is intended to help providers understand and prepare data prior to entry.

The second document is a 73-page reporting portal user guide, which can be found here. The user guide is comprehensive and will take some time to read through, but it contains several helpful tables, charts, screen shots from the portal, etc. to help providers as they prepare their reports. As a reminder, HHS has established a Provider Support Line to assist providers with questions. Providers can call 866-569-3522 Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. Central Time.

As a reminder, any provider who received and accepted payment(s) totaling more than $10,000 during any of the 4 “Payment Received Periods” is required to submit a report to HHS detailing how they used the funding during the corresponding “Reporting Time Period”.  If a provider received payment(s) totaling more than $10,000 in multiple payment periods, they will need to submit separate reports for each period during which they received such payments. A table showing those payment and reporting periods can be found here.