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HHS Provider Relief Fund Reporting Deadline Postponed

For providers who received more than $10,000 in total payments from the HHS Provider Relief Fund (PRF), HHS is requiring those providers to submit at least one report, and possibly a second report, showing how the funds were utilized. Initially, HHS had said that the reporting portal would open on January 15th, and that the first report for all providers would be due no later than February 15th. The portal did indeed open on January 15th, but the only thing providers can do at this point is register their business in the portal. They cannot submit any reports yet. HHS has temporarily postponed the February 15th deadline. They have not yet announced the new deadline for submitting that first report.

In the login/account creation section of the portal page, there is currently a message in red text that states: “After completing registration, providers will be notified when they should re-enter the portal to report on the use of PRF funds. This functionality is not currently available.”

The link for the reporting portal is https://prfreporting.hrsa.gov/s/ and at the bottom of that page, you will also find other helpful links, such as a Portal User Guide and a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with answers.

VGM will continue to monitor this and provide updates as new information is released. Please reach out to Craig Douglas or Mark Higley with any questions.