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Get Face To Face With Your Member Of Congress At Town Hall Events

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These next couple of weeks will provide a great opportunity to get face to face with your member of Congress. Many House members will be back in their home states/districts through June 14th, holding meet & greet and town hall events. Town hall events typically cost no money to attend and provide you with an opportunity to address your Senator or member of Congress directly about your issues and concerns.

Most members of Congress have up-coming events or town halls events listed on their official websites. You can find your congressional offices websites and general information by visiting our website.

Items up for discussion with your member of Congress include:

  • Accessibility to quality services and products to Medicare beneficiaries.
  • Ask that CMS release the DME Proposed Rule so the HME industry can prepare for any significant changes in Medicare policy. 
  • The reimbursement rates for HME during the PHE remain in place after the PHE is over.
  • Home medical equipment suppliers be included in PPE and vaccine distribution

Feel free to use this single-page informational document of industry issues to share with your member of Congress.

Earlier this week, John Gallagher, Vice President of VGM Government Relations, had the opportunity to speak directly with Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-IA-1) at a town hall Rep. Hinson hosted within the district.

Rep Hinson IA

We would love to hear from you! Please share with us if you have the opportunity to meet with your member of Congress during this Memorial Day break.