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From The Desk Of Ronda Buhrmester: Non-Rural Rate Instructions Released

Instructions have been released by the DMACs related to the CARES Act non-rural zip code rate increase. Check out the MLN MM11784 article for details. The DMACs will do a mass adjustment, which means no resubmissions for suppliers! If you service patients in non-rural zip codes, you should have seen adjustments being made for claims with DOS in mid to late April.

The 75/25 blend non-rural fee schedule amounts required by the CARES Act, effective March 6, 2020, have been calculated and made available for payment of items furnished on or after April 22, 2020. For dates of service from March 6, 2020 through April 22, 2020, MACs will reprocess affected claims; identified, in part, by the list of HCPCS codes attached to this CR, to pay the higher blended 75/25 non-rural fees for this time period.