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Expiration Dates On CMN And ABN

The CMS Certificate of Medical Necessity (CMN) such as the CMS-484 for oxygen equipment and CMS-846 for pneumatic compression devices, has an expiration date of February 2020 (2/2020). The question was asked to CGS & Noridian regarding the expiration date. The response back was that they have elevated this concern with CMS and that the DME MACs will continue to accept the CMNs that are currently available. The DME MACs will not reject or deny claims based on the expiration date of the current CMNs. 

It’s also been reported that current the ABN expires in March of 2020.  

The DME MACs shared they have not received any communication on either document DME MACs are to continue to accept them for claims processing and review purposes.

VGM is staying on top of this for our members. We will share any information as we learn more.

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