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CRT Legislation Crossing The Finish Line -- Passes Senate Today

Today, the Senate passed omnibus bill H.R. 1865, which included complex rehab technology (CRT) legislation (language from H.R. 2293-Protecting Access to Wheelchairs Act). This passage will permanently exclude manual CRT wheelchairs from the Competitive Bidding Program and will stop Medicare from applying competitive bidding rates to manual CRT wheelchair accessories for 18 months.

President of U.S. Rehab, Greg Packer said, “This is a proud day for industry leaders who have been working to pass this crucial legislation for the past few years. Conversations with key congressional leaders lately have propelled this bill to the finish line. We are pleased with the results and will continue to serve those who serve the beneficiaries of these products. Thanks, and congratulations to all who will benefit from this.”

Tom Powers of the VGM Government Relations team added, “It has been a great industry effort to bring to conclusion this bill addressing the needs of patients and providers of CRT products. Due to efforts by industry leaders, such as NCART, ITEM Coalition, and United Spinal Association, patients will continue to receive the services they need to remain comfortable in their wheelchairs. Congratulations!”

The bill will head to the President’s desk for the official signing prior to the Christmas break.

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  • Carol Cauthen | Dec 19th 2019 @ 2:47 PM

    This bill will keep those who have the need for wheelchairs more independent and in the long run make the design and manufacturer more competitive.

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