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CMS Directs Beneficiaries To Reach Out To Their Suppliers For Repair And Replacements Of Phillips Respironics Recalled Equipment

Yesterday, CMS sent out the alert below regarding the recalled Phillips Respironics products, directing Medicare beneficiaries to reach out the suppliers they purchased the equipment from if they need it replaced or repaired. While the statement released by CMS is accurate in that most of the patients impacted by the recall should expect to have their existing device repaired or replaced, it fails to mention that the process and timeline associated with repairing or replacing those devices could take several months. We believe that should be clarified by CMS, as the current wording of the message they released will no doubt create unrealistic expectations for Medicare beneficiaries.

To that end, VGM is preparing a letter to send to CMS regarding this announcement, requesting that they issue a revised statement with additional clarification. We will keep you updated as we hear more.

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In the meantime, VGM encourages providers to create clear expectations with your patients about what to expect. Below is a template that you can use as a basis of your communications with your patient base:

Philips Respironics, the manufacturer of your recalled device, has agreed to repair or replace all recalled and registered devices. Please make sure you have registered your device with them. You can complete that registration process here: https://www.philipssrcupdate.expertinquiry.com/?ulang=en or call them at 877-907-7508. Any Devices that are rentals are still owned by us, your supplier, and will be replaced by us as soon as we receive replacement devices from Philips, but the process could take several months.

There is currently a major disruption in the supply chain for these products, including both raw materials and device components. Philips is also awaiting approval from the FDA to begin repairing devices or offering replacements. Because of those factors, there are not currently enough alternate devices available to repair/replace your device. We will notify you as soon as we have the ability to offer you a replacement device.