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Call To Action! Congressional Sign-on Letter Released Asking CMS To Exempt CRT Manual Accessories From The Competitive Bidding Program

Reps. John Larson and Lee Zeldin are spearheading a Congressional sign-on letter to CMS urging that the agency use its administrative authority to permanently exclude CRT manual accessories from Competitive Bidding Program (CBP) pricing. This request would require CMS to use the same payment policies for accessories on manual chairs as it does for power chairs.  

We need you to reach out to your members of Congress today and ask that they show their support of this by adding their name to the letter. You can easily reach out to your member of Congress by clicking here.

Complex wheelchairs and accessories are used by people with significant disabilities including spinal cord injury, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, and other serious conditions. These individually configured mobility and seating systems allow this small group of beneficiaries, representing just 7% of all Medicare manual wheelchair users, to manage their medical needs and fully participate in their lives. Without complex wheelchairs, many would be bed confined. Of note, these complex wheelchairs have taken on even more importance in helping people with disabilities manage the challenges and risks of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As you may recall, CMS already exempted CRT power accessories in 2017, and Congress provided an 18-month statutory delay of the application of CBP pricing for CRT manual accessories last December, which is set to expire July 1, 2021. We need Congress to weigh in with CMS to make the exemption permanent to provide equal access to both CRT manual and power wheelchairs and accessories for Medicare beneficiaries.

This would establish a consistent policy across the fee schedule for all wheelchair accessories and back and seat cushions used in conjunction with complex rehabilitative wheelchairs so that they are based on the unadjusted fee schedule amounts updated by the covered item update specified in section 1834(a)(14) of the Act. This will ensure Medicare beneficiaries with significant disabilities who require complex manual wheelchairs have the same access as those who use complex power wheelchairs.

The deadline for the letter is August 31st, but don’t wait until then! Please reach out today. Encourage your co-workers and friends to also reach out. We’ve made it easy for you! Reach your  member of Congress by clicking here.