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Attend The VGM Business Forum

VGM Business Forum

VGM Business Forum is bringing together top HME leaders to connect you with the information you need to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment.

Join VGM Government as they host their VGM Business Forum on Tuesday, January 28, 2020. This event will take place VGM & Associates headquarters in Waterloo, IA. Reigstration is $30 per person. Click here to register for this event

The focus of this Business Forum will be the Competitive Bidding “Gap Period” (which continues through January 1, 2021) and include analysis of important issues, potential strategies, and some predictions as to the likely outcomes of the program.

CMS will not release the 2021 competitive bid rates (“Single Payment Amounts”) until late summer of 2020. Contract award announcements will be even later...up to November. We will explain why!

Below is the full agenda for the forum:

8:30-9:00am – Registration

9:00am – Intro - Welcome - Clint Geffert

9:15-10:00am – HME in 2020 & Beyond

Presenter: Mark Higley

There is no dispute, today’s HME market is a complex environment. We face a multitude of challenges every day. Dealing with the new rules, the 2021 bid program and understanding how to continue to keep your business prospering in the new environment will take careful understanding of several new and proposed regulations and recognizing a myriad of changing demographics and HME dynamics.  Joins us as Mark breakdowns the most recent - and relevant - industry data. 

10:00-10:30am – Building and Quantifying Strategic Growth Plans in 2020 

Presenter: Ryan Ball

The HME market is changing, providers are constantly looking for new growth aras, whether entering new product categories and geographic markets, or expanding their core business. Planning for growth is often a guessing game; how much business is in that new market? Who are my competitors and which payers do they work with? What is reimbursement for the new product focus with private payers? What is my market share in my current markets? This session will explore different ways market intelligence data can help HME's quantify growth opportunities and determine appropriate resource allocation in planning efforts. 


10:45-11:30am – Shoring up Your Payer Contracts for 2021 and Beyond 

Presenter: Craig Douglas 

Without question, Round 2021 of Competitive Bidding (CB) will be the single largest force that will shift and shape the reimbursement landscape for DMEPOS suppliers in the foreseeable future for almost any DMEPOS supplier in the United States. Whether you conduct your business in a Competitive Bidding Area (CBA), a non-CB area, or a rural area, this upcoming round of CB will impact you, for better or worse. For many providers, these changes will not only impact their Medicare business, but their business with third-party payers as well. Providers need to review and familiarize themselves with the contract language of their existing payer agreements; to see which contracts have reimbursement rates that are tied to the Medicare fee schedule, how they are tied to Medicare, etc., so they are better prepared for the changes that are coming in 2021.

11:30-12:15pm – Cybersecurity: Is your business at risk?

Presenters: Jay Bracken, Jeremy Kauten

This session will demonstrate the latest trends in cyber-attacks as it relates to healthcare companies. Attendees will receive steps to take in elevating their security posture and be better protected from cyber threats.  

12:00-12:45pm – Lunch

12:45-2:00pm – Protect Your Supplier Number

Presenter: Ronda Buhrmester 

Complying with the Medicare Supplier Standards is the responsibility of all DMEPOS suppliers and is required to maintain an active supplier number. With ever-changing regulations, staff turnover, and a million other things you are tasked with on a day-to-day basis, sometimes you forget the basics.  
Ronda will review the supplier standards to ensure you are in compliance and discuss potential repercussions when standards are not followed. Time will also be spent identifying situations that can put your number at risk and how to avoid them.  


2:15-3:30pm – Current Status of Legislative Activity - “Gap Period” Focus 

Presenter: John Gallagher  

CMS will release the 2021 competitive bid rates (”Single Payment Amounts”) in the Fall of 2020. During this time, known as the “Gap Period”, while we wait for competitive bidding rates and bid winners, DME suppliers need to remain focused on federal issues while at the same time giving attention to state issues such as, tax exemption, MCO overreach, licensure. This session will provide participants with recent and timely government updates, illustrating how government policies have an affect the HME Industry.  

3:30-3:45pm – Final Words- Dismissal 

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