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ADMEA Members Meet With Members Of Alabama Congress

During the week of April 26, VGM’s John Gallagher traveled throughout Alabama to meet with HME suppliers, the Alabama Durable Medical Equipment Association (ADMEA), and members of the U.S. Congress. Throughout each meeting, a variety of topics were discussed at great length. Topics included accessibility to quality service for Medicare beneficiaries, blended rates for non-rural and rural reimbursement, and HME supplier eligibility in PPE and vaccine distribution. 


(Pictured: Don Jones and Chris Sells in front of the federal building in Montgomery)

The group first met in Birmingham with the offices of Rep. Gary Palmer, who sits on the House Energy and Commerce committee.

The group moved on to Montgomery the following day and met with the offices of Sen. Tommy Tuberville (Freshman Senator) and Rep. Barry Moore (Freshman member of Congress). Additionally, the group met with Rosemary Elebash, who serves as the Alabama director for the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). On April 28, the last meeting was held in Mobile with the office of Rep. Jerry Carl (Freshman member of Congress). 

The group was particularly excited to meet and educate the freshmen members of Congress on past and current HME issues.

A big thank you goes out those HME providers in Alabama and ADMEA folks that attended the meetings, including Don Jones of Southern Medical Equipment, Chris Sells of Sells Medical Equipment Inc., and Henry Fulgham of Saad Medical Equipment Inc.

Great work Alabama!

(Pictured: Don Jones, Henry Fulgham, Brandy Jackson from Rep. Jerry Carl’s office, John Gallagher)