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ABC Health Care And ACMESA Host Meeting With Rep. Donald McEachin Staff

On Wednesday, ABC Health Care in Richmond held a meeting with Rep. Donald McEachin’s staff. Rep. McEachin is a Democrat on the House Energy and Commerce committee. It is key to have the Energy and Commerce members’ support going forward with legislation.

During the meeting, the group discussed concerns with HME access and reimbursement, HME supplier difficulties, and areas of assistance during the pandemic, just to name a few.

Rep. McEachin’s staff was very engaged in the conversation, noting she had family who used oxygen, CPAP, and hospital beds. She dealt with her own issues accessing quality services and products. 

Meeting attendees included Sam Clay of AdaptHealth, John Gallagher of VGM, and ABC Medical (host) staff Matt Russell and Stephanie Harris.

Thank you to all the attendees of the meeting who shared their stories with the congressional staff. And a special thanks to ABC Health Care for hosting this fantastic event.

John Gallagher of VGM and Stephanie Harris of ABC Health Care