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'Twas The Week Before Christmas...CRT Legislation Included In Omnibus Bill

This week Congress is busy wrapping up the year in hopes of passing a large bill that will include several provisions. The omnibus bill, commonly known as a “Christmas Tree bill”, is a collection of bills consolidated into one large bill. We’ve recently been informed that CRT legislation (H.R. 2293, manual wheelchair accessory bill) will be included in this package! This will permanently exclude manual complex rehabilitative technology (CRT) wheelchairs from the Competitive Bidding Program and will stop Medicare from applying competitive bidding rates to manual CRT wheelchair accessories for 18 months. 

Please take a few minutes today to ensure DME/CRT legislation is included in this package! Make a phone call to your members office or simply reach out via email. Tell them to support H.R. 1865, which is the new consolidated bill. Reach out to your member of Congress today, click here.