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"Round 2021" HME News Bidding Survey Request

HME News, in conjunction with VGM & Associates and the industry state and regional associations, are requesting you to complete a short survey via this link.

The purpose of the survey is to obtain some trends and observations relative to Round 2021 “single payment amounts” and the overall reimbursement climate for the many items included in the latest round of bidding. VGM reports requests from not only from many HME providers but manufacturers and distributors as well.

To be clear, the survey results cannot be interpreted for specific CBA or regional payment amounts due to the sampling size. We will likely not know these until September of this year. However, we do anticipate sufficient responses to allow some overall analysis of whether the various product categories are trending higher, at about the same level as current amounts, or lower. Because the new program required only a bid on the “lead item,” we do have calculators that can estimate the reimbursement for other accessories and resupply items such as CPAP masks and wheelchair batteries.

The survey is confidential, and we cannot identify your company. You may, if you wish, include your contact information, and we will email you a summary of the survey results.

Because of the late program dates (again, likely September for actual SPAs, November or December for the final array of contracting companies), this information may be of benefit to all stakeholders as they review and analyze expected business operations.

Accordingly, please complete the survey. If you did not bid, there is no action required. Recognize that new amounts will affect all HME providers as non-CBAs receive the regional single payment amounts and rural areas receive these plus 10% throughout the program period. And as noted, if you include your contact information, we will send you the results.

The survey is open until April 15. Click here to complete it.

Thank you.