HME Providers Must Be Heard

The HME Industry may be small as compared to the rest, but we play an integral role in the lives of millions of Americans. CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) audits and competitive bidding policies are challenging HME business large and small of all sizes, forcing patients to go without the products and services they need.

VGM Government Relations is here to help VGM Members navigate the complexities of the legislative process and regulatory rules with two goals in mind: you have freedom to do business and your voice is heard.


VGM Group Submits Formal Letter to HHS Secretary

The letter outlines three top priorities that VGM's membership has identified that require immediate action from the administration in order to prevent reductions of access to care for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries.

Action items listed include an implementation date of the retroactive delay to Medicare reimbursement cuts be moved up with an outlined completion date, January 1, 2017 reinstated reimbursement cuts to rural America must be delayed until the impact analysis is released, and, the application of two different statutes by CMS on oxygen concentrators must be corrected.

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Study showing value of DME Investment

Leitten Consulting released its latest findings on the economic impact Medicare spending has on health care as it relates to durable medical equipment.     

Leitten’s study, The Case for Medicare Investment in Durable Medical Equipment, shows that the health care system and beneficiaries save on long-term costs if the government invests in durable medical equipment services up front.

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